Academics Overview

True Partnership Christian Academy’s (TPCA) highly qualified faculty treat each child as a unique individual and thus work together with each student to determine their individual strengths and learning styles. Our great teachers tailor their teaching to each student’s strengths and learning style in order to ensure that every child’s learning potential is maximized.

Ask our students and parents what the most important resource at True Partnership Christian Academy is and they will tell you that it is our teachers. Our teachers are more than instructors, they are mentors, examples, and servant-leaders who begin each day by meeting together to pray for the students who will enter their classrooms for eight hours of the day. Our teachers invest time in their students that goes beyond the last class of the day.

Moreover, we live our core values. As you review our core values, vision and mission statements, understand that each teacher and administrator endeavors to have a life that reflects these tenets not only to the students but throughout the community as well. It is not uncommon to find our faculty and staff volunteering or being leaders in their respective churches, civic groups and communities where they exhibit our core values in action.

Our small class sizes allow for each child to receive individualized attention thus creating a warm and active learning environment that ensures that every child that comes to TPCA grows and excels in academic courses as well as fine arts.

Our curriculum is very rigorous, with lessons infused with our continuously advancing technology resources. Students are engaged in hands on projects, research experiments, advanced writing projects like research papers and thesis writing, critical thinking and inquiry assignments, discussions, debates, problem solving assignments and experiments among others.

Students are continuously encouraged and challenged to strive for excellence. Our high school students are offered opportunities for Dual Enrollment that allow students to earn college credit while earning their high school diploma.

Our graduates have been accepted to great colleges and universities with some having earned the Georgia Hope Scholarship.

At True Partnership Christian Academy, we believe that every student can learn and reach their full potential. Through a rigorous academic program, holistic specials and a loving environment, each student has the opportunity to soar to new dimensions! Call us and schedule a tour today.