Downloading & Using the New Box Top App

The NEW digital program is here! Packaging has begun to change from the pink Box Tops clip to a blue Box Tops label. Less scissors and you use an app on your phone to earn which automatically recognizes Box Tops products and instantly adds them to our school earnings!

Getting Started:

  • Download in the apple app store or get it on google play.
  • If you already had the old bonus app, just update the app to the new one.
  • If that doesn’t work, remove the old app and then download the new one.
  • Once downloaded, register and choose True Partnership Christian Academy as your school.

Using the App:

  1. Use the app to access a list of current participating products by clicking the products tab on the bottom.
  2. Scroll down the app’s homepage to see all current BONUS Right now, there are MANY!!!
  3. Purchase Box Tops items then take the receipt and scan/take a picture of it through the app by pressing scan.

    • Hold your phone level over the receipt so that the edges of the receipt line up to the outline guide.
    • If your receipt is long, take the first picture then click the + button to add the next section. Repeat till done.
    • Scan your receipts within 14 days of purchase. You are allowed 50 receipt scans daily.
    The first time you scan, the app will unlock for you a ONE-TIME 24-hour window to scan receipts as far back as 4/15/19.
    After the window expired, only receipts scanned within 14 days will be accepted.
    Online and/or pick up grocery orders can also be submitted for credit. Send your receipt/invoice to using the same email you use when signing into Box Tops. Credits should be applied to the     school account within 10 days. Amazon purchases are not currently accepted but the retailer is working on it with Box Tops for   future use.

  4. Did the app miss credits? Click on the “report missing items” box that pops up and note the total amount (including bonuses) missed and submit. An email will be sent within 2 days to confirm and the earnings credited within 2 days.

*** Privacy concerns: The only required info is store name, transaction date/time, Box Top items, and purchase total.
All payment info and any other items you don’t want to share can be marked out. ***

***Can’t scan/don’t want to? Please consider sending in your receipts instead to the school and turn in to teacher or front office collection bin to be scanned. Send in daily/weekly to ensure they get scanned in time! ***

Clipping Box Tops:

  1. CONTINUE TO CLIP pink box top clips and turn them into school! BTFE will honor all unexpired
  • Box Tops is letting us “double dip” on items. Clip the Box Top AND scan your receipt to earn double!!
  • DO NOT CLIP the new blue Box Top labels. They serve only to remind you to save & scan receipts.
  • You can also send dimes in place of Box Tops. 1 dime = 1 box top.

Earning Credit for School Contests:

  1. Don’t forget to include names of child and teacher to anything you turn into school; receipts and/or Box Top clips.
  2. For credit through the app, click on your name at the top and send me a screenshot of your earnings. You could also log your digital earnings using the digital collection sheet or forward the receipt earnings email BTFE sends you.

Thanks for helping our school get what it needs! Please reach out for any questions.
Kathy Brust, Box Top Clip Sheet
TPCA PTF Box Tops Coordinator for 2019-2020