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CAPA Program


True Partnership Christian Academy offers a unique & diverse Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA) Program. The mission of our Arts Curriculum and Structure is to change the spirit & lives of all our students beyond measures. Through encouragement and the opportunity to succeed in a creative environment, our curriculum draws each child forth Musically, Artistically, and Theatrically.

When so many schools are being forced to end their Arts programs, we believe it is critical to education. Performing Arts programs are vital to the growth of the “whole child.” Responsibility, Leadership, Teamwork, Confidence, and Self-Awareness are just a few of the building blocks reinforced through an education in the Performing Arts. These same traits are incredibly important in college, career, and the progressive world around us.

We believe that Performing Arts is a vital tool in teaching a student how to analyze and evaluate themselves while at the same time creating NEW DIMENSIONS in there thinking, learning, and personalities. It offers a quiet child scripted structure and technique to work from while developing new skills and confidence. It offers a more out-going child an opportunity to be heard and seen within a realm that is safe to experiment. The most beneficial aspect of the Performing Arts is that it offers a child the opportunity to learn more about themselves, their talent, and their immeasurable potential.

Annual Performances & Opportunities to Perform

Our Performing Arts Department produces several productions each year that include ALL GRADE LEVELS:

  • Christmas Program
  • International Week Celebration
  • Spring Program
  • Monthly Freestyle Friday Talent Showcase
  • And More

In addition, students accepted into the Accelerated Creative & Performing Arts (ACAPA) Program have the opportunity to Compete and Tour with our Distinguished Dance Theater Company (TAOZ).

*Participation in ACAPA is based on a Mandatory Panel Audition, Maintaining 3.0 GPA or Higher, Satisfactory/Outstanding Behavior and Teacher Recommendation.

Each production is designed to offer an opportunity for students to grow and learn. The scripted subject matter is chosen and developed in relation to the same Christian standards used in the academic classes and aligned with the school-wide purpose and mission. Our Experienced Staff and Classroom teachers are involved in creating a curriculum for performing arts classes, to ensure true integration and project-based learning.

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